What New For The Gaming World and Foward

The new graphic and outline for gaming in today’s world has inspired many to take up the gamer’s life. Me personal I enjoy it to a very fun extent. Now Do I feel like most games should be updated to with the current meta YES!

The Working days of the Gamer LifeStyle

September 1-Oct 30th

The experience of a gamer life for me around those times were very creative I have just finished playing LoL(league of legends)

Theatre of Operations

Fall 2020 — Current

The game that was hype the most Genshin Impact. For me personally, I enjoy the game it overall graphics set the mood for lovely smooth gameplay which makes your own playstyle feel right at home. Anyone looking to make friends or escape from the real world play Genshin Impact. Although like Elsword there is a lot of GRINDING in the game but don’t give up. The game is set to help players and provide them with the necessary tools to play the game without having to spend money.

The Life I Deserve

June 1/ 2013- Current

Elsword a South Korena Game that has to suck my wallet dry. Oh, how I wish to turn back time. But it was a fun game and still is but it requires a lot of money and time than ever before to really catch up with the current meta of the game

From Signac to Matisse

October 1 — December 1

“I’m not a player. I’m gamer and gamers get chicks”